English Language School and Camp
 English Language School and Camp 


English summer camp in Bulgaria,Turkey, England for international students

Teachers are hardworking people, sacrificing their time and energy for the benefit of their students. Their task is helping students to achieve their full potential. Their reward is knowing that every student has been given the best opportunities to prepare them for adult life. We appreciate and welcome teachers to the Programme.

We recommend at least one teacher or group leader for every 15 students, but this is not a fixed rule. We can also accommodate smaller groups. We believe the following benefits may be of interest to teachers:                                                                        

 • One free place for a teacher/group leader with every 15 students

• Teachers/group leader's own child can attend the ELACP camp at 25% discount (one child)

• Teachers/group leaders are welcome to take part in most activities and trips free of charge


Taking Students to the ELACP Centre

The English Language and culture programme was designed for students to attend in groups with their teachers. This way each student can feel safe and secure with a familiar adult. The teacher will know his/her student's character and abilities better than anyone. If it is an English language teacher, then the teacher's advice is invaluable when it comes to placing the student in the correct study group. We also rely on the teacher to inform us if any student has special needs. Teachers will have responsibility for their groups while at the ELACP centre, but will have free time when the students are being tutored by our own staff or taking part in organised activities.



The ELACP summer school/camp takes place in July and August. Dates in June can only be arranged by special request.   Teachers are welcome to suggest any aspects of the curriculum that they would like their students to cover at the summer school, and we will try to implement these.   The London programme is all  year round.  There are fixed date camps during Summer, Autumn and Winter.  Specialty programmes are available for group bookings on request, on dates chosen by group organisers.  


English Language Tuition

The programme completely immerses the student in studying English.  While at the Summer School, students are learning English all day, every day. Each morning comprises of classroom based English tuition where fully qualified teachers teach carefully selected sections of the curriculum. They use approved textbooks, as well as audio and visual teaching aids, and creative methods. The teachers can also be assisted  English tutors, who help the students with individual one-one tuition, helping with pronunciation, reading and conversation skills. Each student is given an approved English assessment test on the first day to decide his/her level of English and then placed in a group which is appropriate to his/her level and age group. The average class size is 15 students to each qualified teacher and classroom assistant. Each student keeps a workbook and diary showing the various aspects of their stay at the ELACP Centre.



We offer study of the IELTS course on the 4 week Summer Camp programme. The course is for 60 hours over the four weeks. There is an additional fee for the IELTS study course.  We can arrange the exam at the British Council offices at a date that is convenient for the student. The exam fee has to be paid direct to the British Council. Teachers should inform us about students who want to study for IELTS before they come to Camp, so that they can be put into the appropriate study group. Many English teachers will know that the IELTS certificate is compulsory for students wishing to study higher education in an English speaking country, such as the United Kingdom, America, Australia or Canada. The IELTS curriculum tests the student's ability to communicate fluently in reading, writing and speaking English. The ELACP course is invaluable to students who want to practice their conversation skills for the IELTS exam. A certificate of attendance will be presented to every student who attends the ELACP programme.  We also issue certificates of a achievement for exceptional students. 


Activities and Entertainment

Of course, the easiest and most memorable way to learn any language is through social interaction with native speakers. English films, Music and indoor games take place most evenings. There are cultural trips, nature trail and other enjoyable activities. All activities take place in small groups organised by an English speaking team leader. See Typical timetable


Accommodation for Teachers

Teachers and students stay in hotel style accommodation. You will stay in a single, double or triple room or apartment. All rooms are comfortably furnished with air conditioning and en suite bathroom and some have extras, such as TV, fridge, internet, wi-fi.  You will be given a room that is close to your own students.  The rooms are cleaned and linen changed regularly.


Booking Form and Special Requests   See booking enquiry.

Our terms and conditions are intended as a guideline, and we are flexible. If you have any special requests for your group we will be happy to consider them and try to assist wherever we can. Any special arrangements will be given in writing in the booking confirmation. No money needs to be paid until we confirm the booking and you are happy with the terms. There is a payment plan where a deposit is made to reserve the place and the balance can be paid in instalments.



The various ways to travel to the Centre are:
• School Minibus
• Private hire minibus
• Private car
• Public transport 

 You must inform us on booking if you will need 24 hour parking.  We are also able to arrange airport transfers for individual students and groups at competitive rate.  

Medical Emergencies

The teacher needs to inform us about any student with a health problem or special need and we will make special provisions where possible.   Minor injuries will be treated by first aid staff at the Centre. There is a medical doctor on call 24 hours of the day. Serious injuries will be referred immediately to local healthcare professionals.  Our camp resort will also be covered by liability insurance which covers all particiants in the Programme.  You can ask us about arranging travel and medical insurance for your students. 


The Centre normally includes an indoor/outdoor swimming pool.  There is always a lifeguard on duty when the pool is open.  Wherever students take part in water sports, they have to wear life jackets.  Swimming in the sea is allowed under supervision from teachers and lifeguards.  For cycling, protective helmets must be worn.  There are no ultra risky sports involved in the Programme.  Full instructions are given to students before each trip to make sure they are aware of safety issues.


The Centre has a 24 hour security guard who patrols the entire Centre, especially at night, to make sure students are well protected.  Teachers are on duty to deal with any problems and alert the security guard where necessary.  All staff must have a background and Police record check before they are employed on the programme.


More information about our Fun online summer school. Please read and share.
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 Yazeed Hakami

 As expected, this was a very difficult decision because of the high quality of our students for 2019.   Yazeed was finally nominated .  He had shown constant dedication to his lessons.  He participated in all activities with enthusiasm.  He assisted his teachers in the classroom and during activty sessions.  He was always polite and reliable.  He was a good  example to his peers.  It was a pleasure to have Yazeed at the ELACP camp.



 Mohamed Azzam Inajih   


A FIVE DAY TRIP TO LONDON FOR TWO PERSONS  Return flight tickets to London, with full board and accommodation and a fantastic tour of the most famous attractions of the  City of London.




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Anastasia Vedyenyeva

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