English Summer School and Camp
 English Summer School and Camp


Each year we select a student who shows the most commitment, enthusiasm, dedication and progress.   The student and parent/guardian will receive:



 Travel to the UK is subject to Visa regulations for non-EU citizens. 







Previous Winners



"My trip to Turkey for the summer camp was organized by ELACP (English Language Programme).  It was so interesting.  We learnt a lot of things.  We learnt to be responsible and punctual.  The trip was rich in educational and recreational activities, and it was a useful trip.  I was happy to win the Best prize to London.  It was an great experience.  The trip was exciting.   We visited more than six or seven historical places.  We visited the Science Museum and Natural History musuems in South Kensington.  We went to Trafalgar Square, and we watched the Queens Guards in Buckinghum Palace.  We travelled in the most popular modes of transport, by bus, boat, metro and overground train).  Our Hotel was friendly and comfortable .     Thanks ELACP for this initiative."


We welcomed Azzam and his father in London for the best student visit on 28 October.  They stayed at a quiet hotel in historical Greenwich. We travelled together into central London each day to visit all the famous landmarks and to sample the atmosphere and culture of the city.   Day 2 was spent boating on the River Thames, with visits to the Tower of London and London Eye, where they were treated to panoramic views over London. 

Azzam especially liked phtographing not just the famous landmarks, but also everyday life in London - the shops, the people.  He learnt the underground railway system very well.  After a few days he was able to read the metro map and went also to visit towns on the outskirts of London.  They visited some fine restaurants and sampled the international cuisine which England is also famous for.  





Sofiia's Story:"

My trip to London was very exciting. I liked the hotel we stayed in.  We visited a lot of interesting places: Science Museum, the Tower of London, the Royal Observatory Greenwich, the National Gallery and Trafalgar Square. The Sea Life with penguins and Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum I liked the most of all.   It was like a miracle.   I enjoyed travelling by double decker and Thames River Clipper.  Thanks ELACP for this cool opportunity."

The Grand Prize 

Sofia and her mum, Julia and sister, Kate arrived at Gatwick Airport in London on 28th December for the Best Student Prize.   They were just in time to see London during the 12 days of Christmas.     

The first evening was spent relaxing at their hotel in  historical Greenwich and dining at the Thames waterfront.  The next day they spent visiting Westminster, watching the Queens Guards otuside Buckingham Palace,  strolling past the swans in St James Park, on to Trafalgar Square and the National Art Gallery.   Then, at dusk, an enthralling tour of the city of London, through Regents Street, Oxford Street and Bond Street, gazing in wonder at splendid Christmas lights.  

Here are some pictures of their stay in London :


WINNER 2016:  Anastasia Vedyenyeva

Anastasia flew into London Gatwick Airport with her mum,  Alla, on the morning of  23rd September for the grand prize, a Five Day tour of London.  

The weather was unusually warm for the time of year (as we say in England).  Seriously though, it was the warmest September for around 100 years!    It was great weather for the walking tour in the centre of London, from Leicester Square to see the Changing of Guards, learning about all the famous Royal landmarks. Take in the lakeside scenery with majestic water birds at St James Park.   Stop for lunch at the Strand..... Then later taking in the cultural atmosphere in Trafalgar Square, under the shadow of Nelson's column. Onto the open top tour bus through the winding streets of the City, past St. Paul's Cathedral, Lambeth Palace, Tower Bridge, sweeping into Parliament Square with a panoramic view of the famous Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament glistening on the bank of the River Thames and the breathtaking Westminster Abbey. Finally, disembarking at the gates of Buckingham Palace itself. Return by the London Underground to historic Greenwich for a traditional evening meal.  

AND THAT WAS JUST DAY ONE !!!   Take a look at some of the pictures: 

Changing of the Queen's Guards


WINNER 2015:  

Kalina Ivancheva


The Best student prize for the ELACP summer camp 2015 went to Kalina from TSUNT, Bulgaria.  Kalina was chosen by the teachers because she worked very hard in lessons, she participated with great enthusiasm in all the activities.  Her behaviour was excellent and her teachers said it was a great pleasure having her at camp.  As always, the decision was difficult, because the children in general were all quite inspiring, and everyone worked hard. 

Kalina and her teacher Mrs Tuneva came to London UK 17-22 December 2015.  They were here in the middle of the Christmas festivities.  This winter was the warmest in England for 150 years, so we could say Kalina and her teacher brought the sun with them!  It was so warm that they actually sat in St James Park just outside Buckingham Palace and fed the swans.  They travelled on the London underground each day, by boat and by taxi,  from Greenwich to Westminster, to Canary Wharf, to Hyde Park and South Kensington, visiting famous places, museums and galleries, the Tower of London and Shakespeares theatre.

London glowed with Christmas lights as they toured the city in an open top bus. The last night was a visit to the annual 'Winter Wonderland' in Hyde Park.   They had just enough time to do a little bit of shopping and they tasted traditional Christmas food.   

Best Student Prize

Winner 2014: Anabella Tsankova

 "My adventure to London 

I did not believe that I won the grand prize until Mom and I have started preparing our luggage and flew to London. I got on a plane for the first time. It was so exciting. We landed in Gatwick. The airport was huge. The ELACP teachers were expecting us. Everyone was happy to see each other again. We traveled by car to the hotel and I could enjoy the view which changed one after another.

The next day all day we were walking around London. We had a picnic in Hyde Park. We looked at the Museum of Natural sciences. One of the most exiting experiences was my visit to the show Wizard of Oz. The music and the dances impressed me a lot. We went to the National Gallery of Arts.

Then we had a boat trip on the River Thames. We’ve also attended on a guards turn in front of the Palace of the Queen and we saw the crows of the kings of England. Everywhere people were very nice and helpful. During the evening we returned to the cozy hotel and expected the next day with excitement.

The last day was great. We had a ride on the London Eye and had fun with some street actors. In the evening we went to Trinity College where there was a wonderful music festival.

All the way through Christine was with us, we’ve been told interesting stories and we had a lot of fun and laughter.

For me the visit to London was a great educational experience. It was having fun while learning many new words and many useful facts about the history and the culture of England. I’ve met a lot of nice and interesting people.

I would like to go back to London one day."

I want to say that learning English with ELACP is amazing and fun!    

written by Anabella 


Best Student Prize

Winner 2013:

Atanas Davidov

Our 2013 summer programme was a huge success. Our talented students gave a fantastic performance on the last day of the programme. It was very difficult for us to select a winner but we finally came to a decision. Atanas from Sandanski, Bulgaria stood out and was awarded 'The Best Student Award'. 

Atanas won a 5 day trip to London including tours and accommodation! We had a great time showing Atanas all of the exciting places to visit in London.  He came with his mother Kate. 

GRAND PRIZE -Special Feature 


 MOHAMED AZZAM INAJIH    Azzam was chosen as the best student because of the commitment and dedication and co-operation he showed in all areas of the ELACP programme.   Azzam came to the ELACP camp in Turkey.  He attends the Madaris Al Amine School in Layoun, Morocco. 

See the story and pictures here


A FIVE DAY TRIP TO LONDON FOR TWO PERSONS  Return flight tickets to London, with full board and accommodation and a fantastic tour of the most famous attractions of the  City of London  see more details




 See more details and pictures   



Anastasia Vedyenyeva

see more details and pictures



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