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Varna is the largest resort on the northern Black Sea coast.  The beach stretches over 4km with a width of up to 100 metres.  The area is famous for its pure golden sand, mineral springs and green landscape. Varna is a true pearl on the Black Sea.   The ELACP camp is based in Kranevo, a picturesque coastal village, with several kilometres of wide sandy beaches.

The resort has an even temperature of around 27 Celsius during the summer months. It is crammed with features for an enjoyable excursion, such as amazing water parks, playgrounds, funfair, miniature railway, mini-golf, horse-riding.  There is open air music, theatre and festivals and fine restaurants.  

As well as being a place full of fun and adventure, Varna is also an ideal location to explore cultural and historical aspects and natural wonders of the region.  Bese are jus some of the excursions and activities that are planned.  

Varna Archaelogical Museum;  

Copernicus Observatory and Planetarium;  

Varna Aquarium and Doplhinarium;

Pobiti Kamuni Stone Forest;  

The Madara Horseman Rock Sculpture; 

Zlatni Piasaci Nature Reserve;

Pottery village and workshop;

Traditional Bulgarian village;

Jeep Safari and picnic

Perperikon Thracian Palace;

St Constantine & Helena Eco-Park;

Baltata Nature Reserve

Albena Miniature Railway

Balchick Palace and Botanical Gardens;

Kaliakra Cliffs;

Aladjha Monastery;

Boating on the Kamchia River;

 Bivaka Forest Picnic;



Sandanski is famous for its mineral and volcanic springs, believed for hundred of years to have healing properties.  It is the warmest Bulgarian town, with the highest days of sunshine all year round.  Due to its unique climate and curative waters, it is interationally famous as a spa resort. Sandanski borders with Greece and is not far from the Aegean sea. 

The area is renowned for its Roman architectural sites and its vast vineyards.   The town is rich in cultural heritage, and thought to be the birthplace of Spartacus, the fearless warrior.  It is also the home of the reverred modern day prophet, Baba Vanga. 

The landscape is truly fascinating, with wide valleys, deep gorges, peaceful rivers,  crystal clear lakes, waterfalls and dramatic mountains with dense pine forests. You can wonder at ancient monasteries, visit traditional villages and experience  true Bulgarian hospitality.   Places of interest in the region include:

- Sveti Vrach Botanic Gardens

- Sandanski Park and Lake

- Melnik Village and Sand Pyramids

- Rozhen Monastery

- Ancient Roman Basilica

- Byzantine Christian Church

 -Rupite volcanic springs

- Baba Vanga House and Church

- Popina Laka waterfalls and mountains





Pamporovo is a jewel, glittering high on the peak of the Rhodope Mountains of Bulgaria. In the winter it is a fantastic snow white wonderland. In summer time it is cool and green, festooned with beautiful wild flowers and graced with magnificent pine forests. It is a place where people are truly free to roam and enjoy all the gifts of nature. It is the perfect place to spend your summer, with only the sound of birds and laughter.  

Rhodope is the home of wondrous natural rock formations, caves and waterfalls, monasteries and monuments:  

Yagodinska Cave;

The Devils Throat Cave;  

The Wonderful Bridges Rock Formation;

Shiroka Luka Village;

Bachkovo Monastery;

The Rozhen Observatory;

Smolyan Planetarium;

Smolyan Lakes;


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 Yazeed Hakami

 As expected, this was a very difficult decision because of the high quality of our students for 2019.   Yazeed was finally nominated .  He had shown constant dedication to his lessons.  He participated in all activities with enthusiasm.  He assisted his teachers in the classroom and during activty sessions.  He was always polite and reliable.  He was a good  example to his peers.  It was a pleasure to have Yazeed at the ELACP camp.



 Mohamed Azzam Inajih   


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Anastasia Vedyenyeva

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