English Language School and Camp
 English Language School and Camp 

  Летняя школа и лагерь Болгария;  المدرسة الصيفية ومعسكر تركي; Yaz Okulu ve Türkiye Kampı; English summer school and camp


English Summer Camp Bulgaria, Turkey, England,  for international students

PARENT, Karin, Turkey

" The kids (A & L ) were very very happy with the summer camp. They said that they want to attend next year for the 4 weeks. They still talk and remember the summer camp almost every day. I want to thank you because they really had a good time and learnt English. The best way to understand is that they were and are happy."


GROUP LEADER, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

"It was really such an amazing English Summer Camp I have ever been.  In fact my students and I had spent wonderful and unforgettable time. We appreciate all the effort you and your crew had done. I believe that in this summer camp you aren’t only teaching English but you are sowing joy and happiness in all students souls.  I honestly hope that we repeat this experience for many years."      


PARENT, Magsud, Azerbaijan

"Please let me thank you from the bottom of my heart for an amazing summer time that my nephews and nieces had at your camp. They said it was the best among all they had attended, and they still keep sharing vivid memories and nicest moments with the family and friends."


PARENT, Svetavslaska, Russia

"Anya's first time to a camp! The day begins with an English class, a drama club, and every day a new activity, bicycles, trips, excursions, a pool or sea. And what a wonderful and friendly company of children and parents we have turned out to be. It is just great."


GROUP LEADER,  Julia, Russia

"I am looking forward to coming to  the Varna camp again next year"


PARENT,  Ali, Morocco

"Ali is already looking forward to the next ELACP camp.  I am exploring opportunities to have him take an additional 2 or 3 week intensive course soon. English is a lingua franca and is a key to academic success." 


PARENT, Cristina, Spain

"It was great on the ships yesterday, and fun today on the Treasure Hunt.   The children are having great fun during the rehearsals.   The family enjoyed their visit to the Aladzha monastery.   Anna was happy about winning the box of chocolates and English money.  Having fun swimming, rehearsing and meeting overseas students has been a great experience for the small ones.  ELACP was great, thinking about Varna again, or maybe Turkey.  Anna still sings the songs while playing or enjoying time on her own, and more than a fortnight has passed! "


PARENT, Irina, Russia

"We are glad and grateful for the last summer in your camps.  We are interested in your programme in England for next year."


PARENT,  Heorhi,  Ukraine

"My son was alone here for the first time in his life.  Thank you for spending time with him, and he has revealed some suprising sides of himself."


PARENT,  Dina,  Turkey

"The kids had so much fun.  Thanks for everything."


PARENT,  Hakan, Turkey

"I thank you so much on behalf of my daughter and myself.  You have been really so kind and helpful to all of us and we appreciate it a lot.  One day if you come to (our country) we would like to meet you whenever you have the time."


PARENT, Ina, Ukraine

"Thank you very much for the opportunity you and your team created for my daughter.  She loves English, and we use every possibility to improve it."​

PARENT,  Katya  

I like the role plays which required a huge amount of acknowledgements. The full time occupancy of the children during the day and the creative atmosphere that could be felt. The participation of children in sport and technical activities which were also very motivating for the children."



The programme was great. Everything was orderly, no time to be bored, but just had fun. In general I liked everything, but most of all that we had a lot of fun and games. We created new relationships and developed the manner of communication in English. 


STUDENT, Teodora

"I liked everything about this programme". 


GROUP LEADER,  Hannah, Turkey

" ELACP is so much more than your typical summer camp - it feels like a family."


"I liked the swimming, the tourist orienteering, the cooking, the theatre, the disco, the karaoke and the making of posters."   



"I liked the teachers, classes, games, the hotel and the organization. Courses were meaningful for me and I am pleased with my stay there". 


PARENT, Mikhail

"The important things is that my child is happy, which means that your programme is good!"



"I liked the variety of games, and mostly the treasure hunt as well as the conversations with the English people"


STUDENT, Hristo Botev School

"I liked the teachers and the activities a lot".


STUDENT, Hristo Botev School

"What I liked most about the programme were the teachers.......everything was wonderful".



"I liked the fact that my child was happy and satisfied after the course. He told me he was missing the teachers. They must have been great".


PARENT, Vazrazhdane School

"I liked the hotel, food, organization and the involvement of the students".


PARENT, Lyuben Karelov School

"The teaching programme and education which were only in English. A very entertaining programme".


STUDENT, Lyuben Karelov School

"I liked it. Especially, the organization, bike riding and the sports activities".


PARENT, Tsarena

"My daughter is really happy about the programme and the time she spent in the camp".





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 Yazeed Hakami

 As expected, this was a very difficult decision because of the high quality of our students for 2019.   Yazeed was finally nominated .  He had shown constant dedication to his lessons.  He participated in all activities with enthusiasm.  He assisted his teachers in the classroom and during activty sessions.  He was always polite and reliable.  He was a good  example to his peers.  It was a pleasure to have Yazeed at the ELACP camp.



 Mohamed Azzam Inajih   


A FIVE DAY TRIP TO LONDON FOR TWO PERSONS  Return flight tickets to London, with full board and accommodation and a fantastic tour of the most famous attractions of the  City of London.




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Anastasia Vedyenyeva

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