English Summer School and Camp
 English Summer School and Camp 


Summer camp is about having fun and creating memories that will last a lifetime.  With this in mind, each season our  resident tour operator  and camp organisers seek out the best excursions available in the region.   We rely a lot on local knowledge.   We prefer our excursions to be exhilarating, entertaining and educational.  But, most of all the experience should be fun and relaxing, rewarding and invigorating. 

We organise at least four excursions weekly. Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoons and Sunday all day.   

The whole camp looks forward to these trips, enjoying the drive through the countryside to the chosen locations, the banter and camaraderie, music and laughter on the journey, taking photos of the changing scenery.  

The excursions are multi-faceted so that we can make the most of the day.  Most excursions will include an activity, stops at interesting places along the route, plus a picnic and traditional food from the region.   Each year we strive to find more excursions with interesting combinations.  Here we give only a sample of what we can offer.    



Private bus with tour guide into the Centre of Varna,  Visit Varna Cathedral.  Explore Varna Sea gardens with sculptures, water fountains,  art gallery.  Get onboard replica pirate ships at the marina.  Engage in sea water battle with other pirate ships, using huge water cannons.  Dry out in the sun whilst the pirates serve us with copious food and drinks.  Then the party begins with pirate costumes, traditional music, dancing and games. Everyone has to participate, or else.......!.


First stop is the pottery museum and workshop with a demonstration of the craft, view and purchase amazing pieces.  Then onto the beautiful Balchick Palace of the Romanian Queen Maria, with its splendid gardens and interior and a peaceful chapel. Stop for a picnic, then onto the Kaliakra Cliffs, a dramatic peninsula on the Black Sea coast, steeped in thousands of years of history.    Then, drive deep into the Forest where a banquet awaits, with the music of drums and pipes and traditional dancing and entertainment.


This is one of the favourite combination excursions, and it is eagerly awaited each year.  On route to the park we visit the fascinating Aladzha monastery, carved into ta solid rock face.  The eco-park at St Helena displays thousands of species of trees and plants with eco-trails, waterfalls, and cosy little nooks.    After a picnic, the treasure hunt begins.  Teams must each find their hidden treasure by following a number of clues secretly placed around the park.   This is also a game of memory,  with an individual winner for each team.  The prize is cash money (sterling or euros)!!


A convoy of jeeps meet us at our camp.  The skilful drivers navigate for miles through rugged country lanes and deep forest, across riverbeds and along scenic plains with panoramic views across the region.  We stop at local farms and shops, and participate in some shooting games in the forest, then on our way.  Just before dusk the jeeps arrive at a rustic camp in the forest, where a hearty barbeque meal is prepared and served with fresh vegetables from local farms.  Of course there is music, dancing and animation before we head back to our camp, to arrive in time for supper.   


Ride on the scenic model railway through Albena and the Baltata nature reserve, then on to the Aquamania water park.  This is a vast, bright and sunny place of vivid colours with colossal water chutes and slides, twisting lazy rivers, cool shadowed areas, immaculate gardens.  All you hear is the sound of laughter and joyful screams.  Pleasant for children, teenagers and adults, whether you want to whizz down the mega slides, paddle in a shallow pool under a waterfall or float down the lazy river, or just enjoy an ice cream and the sheer beauty and calm of this place.  


We journey to the Pobiti Kamani (Petrified Stone) Forest, a 50m year old natural wonder.  In stark contrast, our next stop is the Kamchia River.  We have lunch before we board the flotilla of boats which sail the length of the river and return.   Back on the bus, we are driven up and up into the Mountains towards Solnik, a quaint museum village.  Our host is the Baba Radkha, and her house is crammed full of hand-made artefacts.   Baba Radkha and her family lay on a feast for us.  Then they invite us to dress up in traditional costumes, play musical instruments and dance into the night. 

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