English Language School and Camp
 English Language School and Camp 

  Летняя школа и лагерь Болгария;  المدرسة الصيفية ومعسكر تركي; Yaz Okulu ve Türkiye Kampı; English summer school and camp


Adventure: Orientation, Treasure Trove,  Day Camp, Obstacle Course

Learning survival and navigation through the forests, testing leadership and co-operation skills. Treasure Trove is a favourite at camp in England, where something valuable is hidden and the first person to find it wins the treasure. Part of the fun is finding the clues along the way.


Nature studies: Nature Trail, Hiking, Picnicking

Many modern day children live in cities where they do not have a chance to see the countryside, where there is so much to experience and enjoy. They can explore the forests, or skip through meadows and spend warm days picnicking by a lake. At the summer school small groups of students will be lead on hiking and nature trail, searching for clues along the way – and all the time learning.


Ball Games: Cricket, Tennis, Badminton, Netball, Volleyball, Football

These are ball games that are played in the United Kingdom at school and professionally. The students learn the rules of the games in English and play in teams with native English speakers. Trophies and prizes can be won at these games.


Board Games: Scrabble, Monopoly, Ludo, Operation, Dominoes....

These are time tested "board games, played for decades in British homes. Games are played between 2-6 players on a table. This is a favourite at Christmas time. They are also called Parlour Games. They test different skills – vocabulary, managing money, and a steady hand. Conversation develops around the game and this is great for interaction between friends.


Computer games 

Modern day children around the World are transfixed by computer games. They too can be great learning tools. There are educational games and games of skill and games that are comical. The games can be played one to one or in teams. Group leaders organise computer games tournaments.   


Arts and Crafts: Drawing, Painting, Weaving, pottery

These are pastimes to bring out creative and artistic instincts. Students can create masterpieces with crayons and watercolours, or try their hand at traditional crafts. One of the highlights for camp is a visit to a famous pottery workshop and factory, where students can observe and participate in the traditional craft of fine pottery. 


Fitness Sports : Bicycle riding, Swimming, Keep Fit

Our organisers mark out bicycle routes where younger students can learn to ride a bicycle, or older students can practice their bike riding skills. There are instructors to assist the groups. The swimming pool is open all day with a lifeguard present. During the afternoon and evening there is plenty of time to make use of the swimming facility, especially on warm days. 


Music, Cinema, Drama, Party, Quiz Nights, Magic Show

The evening activities and entertainment include English Music of all genres. The students are given tasks to learn the words of some popular English songs. There are showings of classical English films with lively discussions about the theme of the film. Part of the programme is staging a scene from an English play and parents may come to watch the performance on the last day.  The highlight for many students will be the Big Summer Party which naturally will include Music, Dancing and special party food. 


Beach Games and Barbeque, Seaside entertainment

Of course, the ELACP Varna Centre is very close to the seaside, and teachers will escort the children to our own beach place each day, to make sure they get plenty of healthy sea air and enjoy typical beach activities, such as sea swimming, beach games, barbeque, relaxing and enjoying the scenery.  


Extra activities: Horse Riding, Quad biking, Boating

All these activities are available throughout the summer. Students can choose to go horse riding in local stables, or ride quad bikes or boating through shallow rivers. All these activities are controlled by experienced instructors.


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 Yazeed Hakami

 As expected, this was a very difficult decision because of the high quality of our students for 2019.   Yazeed was finally nominated .  He had shown constant dedication to his lessons.  He participated in all activities with enthusiasm.  He assisted his teachers in the classroom and during activty sessions.  He was always polite and reliable.  He was a good  example to his peers.  It was a pleasure to have Yazeed at the ELACP camp.



 Mohamed Azzam Inajih   


A FIVE DAY TRIP TO LONDON FOR TWO PERSONS  Return flight tickets to London, with full board and accommodation and a fantastic tour of the most famous attractions of the  City of London.




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Anastasia Vedyenyeva

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