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 English Summer School and Camp



Maybe you are thinking of sending your son or daughter to summer school. All parents want the best for their child, whether they are 2 or 22 years old. We care passionately for our children's education, because education is one of the greatest keys to success. English is a global language and it is taught at most schools, but the summer holiday is an ideal opportunity to gain additional advantage for your child with our specialist intensive English Language Programme.  Our goal is to provide for our students:

• Excellent location and Facilities

• Excellent Teachers and Stimulating Activities

• Maximum care and security


The ELACP Programme

We specialise in organising residential English Language courses combined with English orientated cultural activities and entertainment. The curriculum includes intensive Cambridge approved English Language classes by qualified teachers, and tuition, conversation and interaction with native English speakers. While students are at the Summer school they are completely immersed in learning English. All signs and instructions are in English. All literature is in English. All audio and visual information is in English. Each small group of students has a leader who is a native English speaker. Students learn not only to speak formal English, but they learn every day English and popular English culture, first hand. Each morning will comprise of classroom based English language tuition. Then the afternoon, evening and late evening is filled with creative, cultural and leisure activities and entertainment. 



All meals by prepared by experienced chefs. Students get a varied and nutritious diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables. The menu is Mediterranean style with some international recipes. Meals are mainly served buffet style with choices of meat or vegetarian food, with desserts, fruit and drinks. Our students can eat as much as they like. The  chef serves 3 meals per day buffet style in the spacious dining room with snacks and hot drinks in the lounge at night. There are also barbeques and picnics on some days.


Health Care

With our diligent care, we trust our students will have a healthy and enjoyable stay. However, should medical situations arise, we are prepared. Minor cuts and bruises and minor illnesses will be dealt by appropriate first aid staff at the Centre. In more serious cases medical professionals will be called urgently, or students may be taken to local health clinics or hospitals. In case of any serious injury or health problem, parents will be notified, and appropriate treatment arranged.  Parents must notify us if their child has any existing health problem or disability, or if they are taking any regular medication, so that we can make any necessary arrangements. Every student must be covered by medical insurance before starting the programme. 


Welfare Officers

Welfare workers are on duty 24 hours a day at the Centre. These are friendly, caring and experienced people, qualified to deal with students issues. They give advice and assistance, and no problem should go unnoticed. Their task is to keep a close watch on students to ensure their safety and wellbeing. These welfare officers co-operate closely with teachers, group leaders and security guards.



A major concern for any parent when their son/daughter is away from home is security. We can give assurance and peace of mind.

The Centre has 24 hour security guards who patrol the entire Centre, especially at night, to make sure students are well protected.

Welfare workers are on duty 24 hours to deal with any problems and alert the security guards where necessary.

All staff must have a background and Police record check before they are employed on the programme.



The Centre includes an indoor/outdoor swimming pool where students can go either for swimming lessons or cooling down on very hot days. There is always a lifeguard on duty when the pool is open. Wherever students take part in water sports, they will have to wear life jackets. For cycling, protective helmets must be worn. There are no ultra risky sports involved in the Programme. Full instructions will be given to students before each trip to make sure they are aware of safety issues.


Students Code of Conduct

There is a sensible code of conduct for students. Students will be allowed to have as much fun as possible, but they must observe basic rules. We do not allow smoking or drinking alcohol. No bad language or bullying is allowed. Our student welfare workers will keep a very close watch to make sure none of this happens. All students will be accompanied by a member of staff or group leader whilst outside the Centre.


Clothing and Equipment

Students should bring comfortable clothing and shoes, with some clothes for special events.  This is a list of essential items for a one week programme:
• Shoes:  1 pair of sports shoes, 1 pair of sandals, 1 pair of slippers
• Day wear:  5 or 6 changes of light clothing, 2 outfits for special events, 2 changes of warm  clothing
• Sportswear: 1 gym shirts, 1 gym shorts, 1 or two sets of swimsuits
• Nightwear:   2  changes of nightwear
• Underwear:  Daily change of underwear
• Miscellaneous:  Daily change of socks.  Toiletries, hair brush and comb
• Equipment:  pens, pencils, colouring pencils, painting set, notebook; drawing book, flashlight (torch)  with 

• Mobile phones, tablets and Ipads are allowed if students have them already.  The students are reponsible for their safekeeping.   Mobile phones are not allowed inside classrooms. 


Safekeeping of money and valuables

Students should not need an excessive amount of money while on the trip. This is the parents' decision, but pocket money of 2 euros per day should be adequate. Money should be given to the teacher for safekeeping, and that will be put in a safety deposit box, until the student needs it. The student can also give other valuables to their teacher for safekeeping.



One of our objectives is to make the ELACP Programme affordable to as many families as possible. Especially in these times of austerity, we like to give good value for money. The price we give is inclusive of English Language lessons and individual tuition for all levels, accommodation, four meals each day, sports and indoor activities, and tours. In order to make budgeting easier we can offer a  payment plan. This means that you only have to pay a small deposit and you have some months to pay the final balance. Please see the Prices page



Booking for the ELACP Summer School starts 1st September each year and ends 30th June the next year. Please enquire from the ELACP office if you want to book outside of these times. To book, you need to:

Complete and submit the booking enquiry form on our website. 

Please allow up to 7 days for ELACP to send you the booking confirmation.

Payments can be made by debit or credit card or Paypal on the invoice.

Payments can also be made by bank transfer or bank deposit in cash. Bank details are given on the  invoice.  You will then need to pay the deposit into the ELACP bank account. The details are given on  the confirmation letter.  You need to send a copy of the deposit statement to our office, either by fax, email or post. The final balance needs to be paid 12 weeks before the start of the course, except ELACP agrees to any special arrangement.

All information supplied to us is handled in strict compliance with European Data Protection regulations.


Travel to and from the ELACP Centre

Some students will come to the Centre in groups with their teachers.  

ELACP also arranges transport to and from the Centre within Bulgaria.  The cost per student is  15 - 50 euros for each journey in shared transport (taxi or autobus). Individual transport can also be arranged by special request. 

Parents can also bring their son/daughter to the Centre by various methods.  

Public transport: there are good bus links direct to the ELACP centre from Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna and other major cities.  

Private car: Parents can bring their children to the Centre by car. In the summer the roads are good and the Centre is accessible by car. It is a good idea to check route maps or GPS.


Reception for Parents

Parents are always welcome to bring their son/daughter to the ELACP Centre, and pick them up on the final day.  There will be a special buffet with snacks and drinks for parents in our reception area.  This way parents can see the facilities we are offering and have a chance to talk to the staff.  On the final day parents are welcome to attend performances by the students.   Again a buffet meal and drinks will be provided for parents to refresh them for their journey.  Parents should tell ELACP at least 48 hours before if they will be attending the Parents Reception at the Centre.  


Family Programme

The summer holidays is a great time for families to be together.  This is the reason why we now offer the all inclusive family programme. Families can share a family room or apartment, or the student can share accommodation with other students and parents have their separate rooms in another section of the hotel.  

Parents can choose to have English lessons, or just relax in the hotel and enjoy the meals and enjoy the beautiful scenery, or plan their own programme.  They can also participate in excursions and other activities.  Nursery class for ages 3-5 may be available by special request. 






   "Sofia has made tremendous progress over the past  3 years that she has been coming to the ELACP camp.  She performed extremely well in the Drama production of Oliver!  She has shown a lot of commitment and always tried to help other students"  

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A FIVE DAY TRIP TO LONDON FOR TWO PERSONS  Return flight tickets to London, with full board and accommodation and a fantastic tour of the most famous attractions of the  City of London  see more details.  

WINNER 2016 

Anastasia Vedyenyeva

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   HALF A SIXPENCE   by H.G. Wells  

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